Meeting Notes

Listed below is the most recent meeting agenda.

Notes/Minutes from the El Dorado Acres Homeowners and Members Inc., Date: February 4, 2020 Time: 7:00-8:00pm

  1. Treasurer’s Report presented by Annette Miller
    1. Final cost of road repairs from S. FL Excavation was $19,780 plus $78.98 for sod replacement at
      culvert areas
    2. Current balance is $11,202.46
    3. Refer to Treasurer’s Report for further details
    4. We will be posting bank statements for review on the website going forward to increase
  2. Brief introduction given by all board members and explanation of expected roles by Heather Keller,
    Denise Slosser, Annette Miller, Sandra Saumier, and Richard Sommerville
    a. We plan to work as a team without titles as we each have different skills and varying personal
    responsibilities so we plan to balance the workload amongst each other
    b. Communication can be directed to one member or all members – we will address as a team c. The community website has an email feature where you can send
    questions/comments/suggestions that will be directed to us
    d. Official documentation just released to us so we ask for your patience while we work through
  3. Agenda items 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 addressed by Annette Miller
    1. Richard Sommerville and Annette Miller will be listed at the President and Vice President respectively on the Sunbiz documentation
    2. Additional actions in progress include refiling with Sunbiz to change officers, updating bank account information, continuation of post office box usage (to be paid for by the entity instead of through personal/private donations), and the FPL and BSU mailing addresses to be changed to PO box
  4. Explanation of why the legal Not for Profit entity was created given by Annette Miller
    1. The community needs a legal entity to represent us in talks with other entities such as
      Headwaters Development
    2. Think of it in terms of a “professional” representative of the community as a whole vs. a
      “private” citizen representing just themselves
    3. Benefits include being able to communicate in one organized voice and enter into negotiations
      as needed
  5. Information on the Front Entry/Monuments given by Richard Sommerville
    1. Painting to begin this weekend with a primer being applied first then the neutral color
    2. The plan is to paint for now, volunteers and supplies have been organized
    3. New bus benches and/or covered seating may be something we do in the future
    4. Additional work/changes may be made in the future once we know more from Headwater
    5. A meeting is to be scheduled to establish a relationship with Headwaters and discuss


f. A legal opinion was given on the monuments legal status that states they are “grandfathered in” and if removed, we would not be able to replace them as they are technically in the “right of way” or are on private land

  1. Suggestions for a new bulletin board presented by Richard Sommerville
    1. The temporary board will be replaced with a more permanent structure that could possibly
      include a roof and plastic doors to protect postings
    2. Would like to continue to have it located near the front of the neighborhood
  2. Status of the MSTBU provided by Annette Miller
    1. To date we have a return rate of 29%
    2. Information will be mailed out again with the next annual dues request
  3. Development of a Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood Letter/Committee presented by Denise Slosser
    1. We would like to create a letter to send to new neighbors that provides information such as
      trash pickup days, how to reach board members, and what the voluntary dues goes toward, etc.
    2. We are looking for suggestions for this or a possible “welcoming” committee that would reach
      out to new neighbors
    3. Please share your suggestions via email to the board/community email address

9. Ideas
a. We would like to transition to more digital communication, i.e. a digital newsletter or email

about the annual dues going forward given by Sandra Saumier

blast to request dues payment instead of the costly paper mailings

  1. Paper mailings cost over $500 so digital communication would be a great cost-savings strategy
  2. We hope that the next mailing will be the last so we are asking that each property owner either
    provide an email address to receive community correspondence or check the website regularly
    for community information and announcements

10. Closing remarks given by Annette Miller and Richard Sommerville

  1. We would like to thank Tammy Benoit and Jennifer Starnes for their hard work and efforts over the years
  2. Thanks also to John Tucker for his work on the website
  3. We do want to move forward with a whole-community approach and limit the need for
    individual donations to address needs such as mailings, repairs, and website maintenance
  4. Open the floor to questions and comments


Comment: Thanks and acknowledgement offered. Response: Thank you all for coming!

Question: Could we possibly add a turn lane into the neighborhood? Response: We need to look into that further to determine the correct entity (Village of Estero, Headwaters, etc.) to address that concern.

Comment: Catalina is moving forward with paving – 3 estimates were reviewed. Response: That project is the responsibility of the homeowners on Catalina.

Question: What was included in South Florida Excavation’s scope of work? Response: We will post the scopeof work on the website for public review.

Question: Who counted the color votes and board member votes? Response: John Tucker and Annette Miller counted the color votes including the door-to-door votes and the online votes. John Tucker counted the board member votes.

Comment/Question: Most door-to-door votes cast on Catalina were for leaving the current color. What was the final vote? Response: The final count was within 15 votes. Some property owners voted twice – once in the door-to-door collection and then later online, so their votes changed from their initial door-to-door vote. We plan to add colorful plants that will include similar colors to what is on the monuments currently in an attempt to incorporate that color.

Comment: The board needs to develop operating procedures to outline responsibilities, policies, etc. Response: That is something will develop as we move forward.

Question: How will future voting be done? Response: We will be directing it through the website.

Comment: We should move away from “personal” projects to “community” projects. Response: We hope toorganize project through the board. Please forward suggestions through the community email.

Question: What is the rate of response on the MSTBU? Response: Currently, 29% have returned the needed paperwork. The initial paperwork is just to agree to allow for a survey and estimate to be prepared for what possible improvements could be done. It is not an agreement to enact the MSTBU.

Question: How can we increase interest in the MSTBU. Response: Information will be included in the next mailer. We could go door-to-door to share information as well.

Question/Comment: What exactly can we tell people about the MSTBU with regards to financial expenditures? Many people seemed to be turned off by the idea of not knowing what our financial burden will be. Response: The only expense at this time is $500. This is for the initial survey. Once that is completed, we would then need to agree to which repairs/improvements we want to proceed with. A vote would have to be collected on that plan in order to approve and enact the MSTBU.

Question: What is the percentage of dues returned? Comment: We do not have that information at this time but we can get it and post it on the website.

Comment: A list or explanation of future projects could be included with the dues request to encourage payment. Response: We will work on adding that in.

Meeting called to a close at approx. 8pm.